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Hair extension Stuttgart - You want to look nice and different at the next party. You have short hair but you want long hair. You can not wait for the hair to grow. So only the hair extension remains.

How does it work?

There are different methods of hair extension.

The Unique Beauty Salon Stuttgart offers the following methods:


Extensions & Weaves Stuttgart -with Microrings:

Micro-rings for hair extensions connect thin hair bundles of prickly hair bundled with silicone together with picked bundles of the own hair by inserting both into the micro rings and then pressing them together with a pair of pliers. The micro rings are made of metal, which is lined with silicone inside. The release is easy with the pliers by the flat pressed microring is pressed round again.


Extensions & Weaves Stuttgart -with WEFT:

We also use tears that are sutured to your hair. Tresses are flat hair bands made of synthetic or real hair, which are used with variable width. In this variant, only cornrows are braided, on which then the threads are sewn.


Extensions & Weaves Stuttgart -with Brazilian Knot:

In this variant of the hair extension individual hair bundles are connected by means of elastic threads with the own hair.


Extensions & Weaves Stuttgart -with micro braids:

In this type of hair extension, the foreign hairs are zusammenlochten with your hair at the base of your hair. Another method is the hot method of hair extension.

In this case, the foreign hair is glued to the own hair with keratin and heat. This, however, your own hair is more strained than cold hair extensions. Because when you release the connection heat is needed again. We do not use this method as it is our claim not to damage one's own hair.

Advantages of a hair extension?

Your self-esteem is enhanced, because you are beautiful in a few hours and radiate that too. You are admired. This is also good for bridal and updo hairstyles. You have short or long hair, straight or wavy or Afro: every hair type is suitable for a hair extension. This includes braids and micro braids. You can also thinner hair through hair extensions compress and produce a uniform hair fullness. For the hair extension, there are different lengths as desired. The hair extension can be done with straight or wavy hair. The added human hair is selected so exactly that it corresponds in form and color to your own hair. You really do not see anything artificial. The methods of hair extension used in our Unique Beauty Salon in Stuttgart are absolutely gentle on your hair.
How long does the hair extension last?

Your hair grows and with it the micro rings move backwards. You could then become visible, which of course you want to avoid. Experience varies between three and four months. Then you have the chance to change your type with a different styled hair extension.

In the hair extension by tears and micro-pigtails, these can be worn for up to two months.

Hair extensions made by Brazilian Knots can last up to three months.
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